Hot Tubs

The Expertise

Hot Tub Show RoomPurchasing a spa is a serious business. After all, a spa is a big ticket item thatrequires ongoing service and support. That's why you need a company that offers in-depth knowledge, a wealth of experience and a long-term reputation for excellent customer service. As the owner of Steiners, I have been involved in the hot tub and spa industry for over 20 years, longer than any of my local competitors. Add to that the experience of my staff and Steiners boasts over 50 years combined experience in hot tub and spa sales and service. We have the expertise you need!

The Product

When it comes to spas, I am extremely selective, giving careful consideration to design, features, serviceability and support. Before making a choice, I really do my homework: I attend trade shows and seminars across North America; discuss pros and cons with dealers in different markets, even travel to factories to tour the facility and meet the manufacturers face to face. After doing all this research, the choice was clear: Bullfrog Spas. Using unique, patented SpaPak technology, Bullfrog spas are truly the only spa on the market that you can custom-build to meet your therapeutic needs. For more information on Bullfrog Spas, visit their website. Why not try building your own spa on line! In addition to Bullfrog Spas, Steiner offers an astonishing selection of high quality spa chemicals and accessories. Come into our store to check it out!

The Soft Sell

At Steiners we strive to make your hot tub purchase a pleasant experience. Our staff are not on commission; we leave the high pressure sales tactics to the other guys. We do want to sell you a spa, but only by providing you with honest facts about our product. We also want to match you up with the correct model that best suits your needs. We recommend that you take advantage of our free site checks and the chance to dry or wet test a Bullfrog Spa. We invite you to tap into our knowledge to make the right decisions, from purchase right through to installation.

Free With Every Purchase

Every spa we sell comes with cover, chemicals, set up, delivery and plenty of good advice. We even have free delivery within a 100 km radius of Medicine Hat! When we install your new spa, we take extra time to train your family on spa maintenance, general spa usage, safety and chemical use. Your new Bullfrog Spa will be full of water and heating up before we leave your house. We invite you to visit our store today!


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