Our Barbeques

Choosing the right barbecue can be a daunting task. With literally hundreds of models to choose from, where should you start? Should you go to a hardware store? Big box store? A drug store?

Fortunately southeast Alberta has the answer: Steiners, a business that specializes in BBQ sales and service. Visit Steiners and you will find:

  • unbeatable selection of BBQs
  • knowledge, experience and passion
  • free set-up and testing
  • parts and accessories
  • after-sale service

Unbeatable BBQ Selection

Unbeatable Selection!Steiners showroom displays 35-40 high-quality brand-name barbecues year round. Choose your model, from entry-level barbecues to commercial restaurant style grills. And choose your fuel, from propane to natural gas or even charcoal.

Steiner specializes in Broil King, Napoleon and Weber. These three brands represent a great percentage of all grills sold in North America. They are guaranteed to perform better and last longer than lesser brands. Their even, controllable heat will give you the perfect steak, chicken or grilled veggies every time. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. Looks can be deceiving!

Knowledge, Experience and Passion

At Steiners, weknow our barbecues. We love to barbecue and we love sharing our passion with you. We take pleasure in helping you select the right BBQ for your needs or answering your questions on what makes onemodel better than another. And don't get us started on food. We enjoy experimenting with grilling (we even grill up lunch at the shop from time to time!), so we always have plenty of ideas, tips and techniques to share with you. Just ask!

Free Set Up and Testing

Every deck sized barbecue sold at Steiners includes free set-up and testing. We prefer to build your barbecue so we can make sure it is performing perfectly before it leaves the store. If you want your purchase delivered, that can be arranged. We will even haul your old barbecue away for you at no extra cost!

Parts & Accessories

Need a part for your current BBQ? Chances are, we have it. Steiners carries parts for most major brands on the market whether your grill is brand new or 30 years old. Our BBQ accessories make perfect gifts for any occasion. Choose from an astonishing array of tool sets, shish kabob sets, wood chips, pizza stones, rib racks, veggie and seafood woks, BBQ cookbooks... you name it!

After-Sale Service

At Steiners, we pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy. If you have a problem with your purchase, come in and talk to us. We will do our best to correct the situation and make you smile!

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