About Steiners

Exciting products. Experienced staff. Excellent service.

That is how happy customers describe Steiners. But don't take our word for it, because words are not enough! Come in and see what a truly unique shopping experience we can offer you.

You see, this website isn't meant to sell you something. We invite you to click on the links, explore our product lines, and inform yourself. But then we invite you to come in and visit us. After all, we are a little old fashioned at Steiners. We like to deal with people face to face, building relationships. We're also rather proud of our products and would love to show you around.

One more point of pride... As a family-owned local business, Steiners was incorporated since 1974 and has been "making people happy" ever since!

Hot tubs, Barbecues, Wine Kits and So Much More...

If you are looking for a hot tub, barbecue or wine making supplies, you will find Steiners to be the leading force in the market. We carry top of the line products backed by reputable companies and our own professional service.

Come in and you'll discover not just spas, grills and wine kits, but so much more: patio heaters, firepits, smokers, indoor/outdoor waterfalls, spa chemicals, plus endless accessories and gift ideas.

Steiners is your one-stop source for outdoor living products and ideas!

We're picky about what we sell

"If I wouldn't own or use it, it doesn't belong in my store!" says president and owner Jeff Steiner.

Jeff takes pride in personally choosing which brand names and products will be sold at Steiners.

"Unlike big-box stores, price is never the most important factor in deciding what will be in the showroom. I look for things like solid design, serviceability and support from the manufacturer."

Factory-direct pricing

Of course, price still matters. That is why Steiners purchases directly from the manufacturer, not through a wholesaler, whenever possible.

"We are a factory-direct outlet with our major hot tub, barbecue and wine kit lines. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer I can offer the most competitive prices and have direct support should any issues arise with the product."

"The manufacturers I deal with understand that we are in business together. This co-operation means that you, the customer, have not just one, but two companies working hard to make your purchase a positive experience.

You are invited...

Once you've had a chance to look around our website, we invite you once again to come and see us in person. It's worth the drive!